Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

EDCE is committed to protecting the personal information that you provide or that we gather when you visit “Web Site”). In this respect, this Web Site Confidentiality Policy aims to inform you of the kind of personal information we gather as well as how this information is collected and used. In addition, the authorized representatives and suppliers of EDCE that use this personal information in order to complete the mandates we have entrusted them with must also abide by the policies contained herein.


Collection of personal information

When you visit our Web Site, we automatically collect certain personal information through the use of “cookies” on your browser, notably your IP address, the date and time of your visit as well as a record of the pages you consulted. We also gather all information you provide to us during chat sessions and when scheduling appointments.


Use of personal information

Personal information that we gather is used for the purposes indicated at the time the person visiting our Web Site divulges this information. For example, EDCE may share information that you have provided through this website and other affiliated websites to EDCE event sponsors. EDCE uses pixel GIF files to engage in the kind of advertising known as remarketing. These GIF files are provided by our advertising management partner. These files help us track you when you visit our Web Site and address random advertising to you when you visit other Web Sites. The information we gather remains confidential and anonymous at all times. For information on how to refuse this technology, visit the following address:



EDCE takes care to adopt measures to protect your personal information and, to do so, we have implemented security measures which are generally applied and recognized for this purpose.



EDCE is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of personal information. EDCE is also committed to neither yield nor divulge personal information to any third party except as required by law. Upon a user’s request, EDCE will eliminate all personal information or correct any false or incorrect information pertaining to the user. EDCE is in no way responsible for the correctness of information provided by a user.


Changes to the Web Site Confidentiality Policy

EDCE reserves the right to modify this Confidentiality Policy at any time.


Contact information

For any questions regarding this Confidentiality Policy, please call 1(800) 313-8870